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Taste the Rain Lyrics
(all songs copyright 2010 Maria MacDonald, All rights reserved)




Angel of Snow


Verse 1:

If I fall would you catch me?

If I said, would you say it too?

If I told you that I love you

Would you feel the same?



Cause Iíve fallen some time ago

Blame that angel of snow

I must apol ogize

Youíve got me paralyzed


Verse 2:

If you kiss like you mean it

And you hold like youíre unafraid

Does it tell me that you love me?

That you feel the same?



The words catch under my tongue

Tied up and tangled, would it come undone?





Verse 3:

If we lived on the moon

You and  I  riding falling stars

Then Iíd tell you that I love you

And youíd feel the same




Bubble Wrap Bride


Verse 1:

I have a little secret   I know I have to hide

A monster lives inside me    I want to be a Bride

Iím looking for a husband  Anyone will do

 Ask me out for coffee  and Iíll want to marry you



If youíre into brides by mail   Honey baby I'm for sale

Iím lovely  Iím perky    

Iíll baste you a turkey

While shaking my shapely tail      

While Iím shaking my shapely tail

Make my dream come true   Iím the bubble wrap bride for you




Verse 2:

Iíve patiently awaited my handsome Mr. Right 

Despite my brand new blue jeans those stubborn fish wonít bite

I wonít ask for much but attached is just one string

A flower on my doorstep And a itty  bitty ring!



You hoo You hoo

Do ya  wanna get hitched?

Boo hoo  Boo hoo

They spook and I get ditched but,




All the Butterflies are Gone


Verse 1:

Got dealt a joker 

I want out of your game

Canít believe itís over

Pull me in again and again

Like a blanket too small

Leaves me cold and exposed

Touch my naked body

Watch my mind implode



All the butterflies are gone

Just got up and flew away

I could scream - scream

The silence deafens me



 Fly away


Verse 2:

You say you donít want drama

Yet you take center stage

A circus clown you made me

Get me out of this haze, this maze

Iíll take my broken wings and Iíll fly away

My broken heart might save me

This butterfly canít stay




Because of You


Verse 1:

Stuck in this crazy place

Vanish without a trace

Far from home  lost my way

Feet are false lead me astray

 Left with a bitter taste

I fall out of grace

Buried in failure I lay

Stay with me Iíll be OK



Because of you

I will get through

Because of all

the little things you do

I can smile for a while

because of you

Blessed by you

Blessed by you

Blessed by you


Verse 2:

Drown in a sky of grey

Canít keep the wolves at bay

Run from dragons that chase

Caught in a dangerous race

Rope thins starts to fray

Break off  I fall away

Catch me in your loving embrace

Brush the tears from my face









Collecting Pieces



I cry with dry eyes

I scream without a sound

No time for disaster

hold on while pieces are found


Verse 1:

Feeble are my hands a war against your shattered mind,

Wind of wasted breath, trip youíre left behind

Nothing I can do collect the pieces of you

Turtle in the sand you stare me down, demand a plan

Chip away the mountain with the callus of my hand

Sleep wonít come to me sweet melancholy




Verse 2:

Hand upon your shoulder is no match for your dispair

Curse the gods n' pound the floor so cruel, itís so unfair

Smile through splitting skin    Forgive me this sin

Sit and watch in impotence, helpless as you scream

Unready unprepared for this your face will haunt my dreams

Nothing I can do

Collect the pieces of you


Last Chorus:

I cry with dry eyes I scream without a sound

No time for disaster hold on while pieces are found


Friday Night Fool


Verse 1:

Oops I kissed a frat boy should have asked for his I.D

Blind date with my cousin cupid must hate me

Might be narcolepsy napping on our date

Why is he kissing my best mate?


Bridge 1:

I should, I could, turn this game around

Oh my, I could cry

But instead I laugh and say

Iím a fool    fool for love



Kissed so many frogs did I move to the pond

Whereís Mr. Right they all are  wrong

Once upon a Friday night

Friday night fool   

(Last time: Friday night fool)


Verse 2:

  He doesnít call me or message me online

Stood me up for lunch, my house he couldnít find

Had to feed the cat had to wash his hair

Breaks up with me but surely he still cares


Bridge 2

I crash n burn, will I ever learn?

Oh my, I could cry

But instead I laugh and say

Iím a fool  fool for love






Verse 1:

Youíve got nothing to say

Catís got your tongue today

Well Iím a chirping bird

ní Birdie has gotta be heard



Singing on the radio

Making fun of you ha ha ha ho

      (2nd uh uh uh oh)

seem to be confused as to why I'm so amused

You lose

I got dumped but you got chumped,

Iím gone, gone gone gone gone

Adieu farewell so long

Iím so done.




Verse 2:

Fox running from his tail

Shadow of feeling you freak and you bail

Hide your head in the sand

Or put on some leaves and join Peter Pan




Verse 3:


Wishing you nothing but luck

Youíre gonna need it all

Yyour karma might suck

ní Iíll keep looking for more

Donít call  donít knock on my door





Iím gone gone gone gone gone


Heís in a Coma


Verse 1:

Mr D. rolls through my door his eyes are closed heís not moving anymore

Rack your brain till your head is sore wonder why he was fine before       

Doctor Doctor they scream and cry  We need to know tell us why

(Heís in a) coma



Maybe itís a bug

Maybe itís a drug

Did he hit his head

The man is nearly dead 

(Heís in a) coma


 Verse 2:

Not long before youíre shaken awake by a stressed out nurse just back from break

Doctor Doctor you made a mistake. Donít we need to intubate?

Hysteria never pays heís been like this for three whole days

Ya, heís in a coma.




Verse 3a

Lay back down your weary head but the pager pulls you outta bed

The consultant screams in surprise assuming you failed to realize

That the man wonít open his freakiní eyes

Heís in a coma!


Verse 3b

Sit him down and explain the case, exasperation on your face

How can such a quiet man wake me up

Again and again?

Heís in a coma

Ya, heís in a coma!

 Note:  This song is a parody.


Pod of Two


Verse 1:

Sunlight in my spoon; Huga from my java-in the afternoon

Moonlight in my sheets; Fuzzy bear pajamas running down my street

Sugar in my tea; Snuggle on a Sunday no where else to be

Castle built for two; Moat of downy feathers round me and you



All I really know, I wanna be with you    (DA DOO DA DU)   (DA DWEE N DU)

Stick together like gum on a shoe    (DA DOO DA DU)   (DIDALEE A DU)

If we were peas weíd be a pod of two    (DU DU) (  DU)

Such a steamy pair, make the neighbours stare, I wanna be with you


Verse 2:

Snowflake on my nose; Cocoa in an igloo warming head to toe

Hold my frosty hand; Skate around forever we don't need a plan

Like a second scoop;   Belly dance together in my hula hoop

Spread our wings and fly; All a feather off together to the sky




In a pod of two

I wanna be with you


Taste the Rain


Verse 1:

One foot in, one foot out,

rush of heat, wave of doubt

Window slams open door,

strange new place been here before

I am empty, I am full,

constant push, constant pull

Thereís no cure magic pill,

Win the race while standing still



A penny in, a wishing well,

a story it will tell



Iím not chasing rainbows

Iíd rather taste the rain

Hold on till tomorrow

Iíll feel alive again



Verse 2:

Blinding colour, black and white,

shaded eyes in shadowed light

Waken from a sleepless dream,

canít remember where Iíve been

Growing young, growing old,

Status quo, No, break the mold

Lead the way from behind,

seconds slipping, tricks of time



A wish upon, a falling star,

the moon knows who you are





The Last Song About You



I believed you could be good to me      



Iím done singin sad songs

Telling you that youíre so wrong

Iím done singin sad songs

Time to change the key and move on

Iím waking* up I wonít put up with you

(last time breaking * up)

Baby weíre through 

This is the last song about you


Verse 1:

Man of my dreams  nightmare it seems

Sorry my mistake Got tripped out by a fake

Heart on my sleeve,  I can still leave

You canít seem to stand

No strength to hold my hand




Verse 2:

Beneath the mask

I see you were never meant for me

You may deny this is goodbye

Hear me in this song

Youíll know that I am gone





Wake Up Little Girl


Bridge 1:

Wake up little girl,

you have a million things to do

Chin up little girl,

we all depend on you.


Verse 1:

World comes crashing down          Clouds roll in your head

Hold a ticking time bomb,

All you see is red

Blown off the edge,

Where did you go wrong?

Worn to the bone

But it wonít be long.



Before you can cry,

The weight it crushes you.

Before you break down,

You gotta keep on pushing through.


Verse 2:

Face another day,

The tragic is mundane.

Hardened by the sun,

Will you ever be the same?

Ship lost at sea,

Fight the undertow.

Feel like a zombie,

Only  forty hours to go.




Bridge 2:

Wake up little girl,

the world is calling you.

Chin up little girl,

we all depend on you,

depend on you.










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